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direct mail cadences for real estate investors
Build a Record-Triggered Flow

Build a Record-Triggered Flow in Left Main

To build a Salesforce record triggered flow, you first need to define the business requirement in three parts.
Next Best Action for Real Estate Investors | Left Main REI

Introducing Next Best Action for Real Estate Investors

Introducing Einstein Next Best Action by Salesforce, now customized for real estate investors!

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Left Main REI Release Notes

Left Main REI Release Notes

The Left Main REI core package is updated regularly to add features, improve speed and performance and address bug fixes for our valued customers.
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How Does Left Main REI Support Real Estate Disposition Managers?

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A Real Estate Disposition Manager may be employed by a real estate investment firm or property management company, primarily focused on selling or leasing properties from marketing and negotiations through closing.
Left Main for real estate investment teams

How Does Left Main Help Real Estate Investment Teams Work Together?

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Left Main is built on a powerful customer relationship management solution that can help real estate investment teams work together more efficiently and effectively. By centralizing data, streamlining and standardizing workflows, and improving communication, Left Main helps teams save time, reduce errors, and close deals faster.