Dominate the Real Estate Market with Our Retail App Add-On

Graphic showing people shaking hands at a property showing with the retail app

Effortlessly Track Prospective Buyers

  • Effortless Prospect Organization: Capture and organize all essential details about prospective buyers in one convenient location, eliminating scattered notes and improving efficiency.
  • Tailored Approach for Conversions: Keep track of contact information, preferences, and important notes, enabling personalized interactions that resonate with potential buyers and drive higher conversions.
  • Maximize Sales Opportunities: Empower your team to stay on top of prospective buyers’ needs, ensuring no opportunities slip through the cracks and maximizing the potential for successful sales.

Streamline Property Management

  • Centralized Property Management: Say goodbye to the overwhelm of managing multiple property listings. The Properties Tab provides a centralized hub to effortlessly organize and maintain all your listings in one place.
  • Real-Time Updates and Captivating Images: Easily update property details and add captivating images to showcase your listings at their best. Keep potential buyers engaged with accurate and up-to-date information that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Stay Ahead of Your Game: Monitor listing statuses and changes with ease. With the Properties Tab, you’ll always be on top of your game, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to impress potential buyers and close successful deals.
Graphic showing people standing in front of a open house

Graphic showing a man sitting at a desk with a couple across from him. A unit floorplan is shown across his computer screen.

Seamlessly Manage Your Tenants and Leases

  • Streamlined Lease Management: Stay on top of lease agreements effortlessly. The Retail App Add-On simplifies tenant tracking, ensuring you have all lease details at your fingertips.
  • Rental Payment Tracking: Easily track rental payments, enabling timely follow-ups and ensuring a smooth cash flow. Say goodbye to missed payments and overdue reminders.
  • Enhanced Communication History: Maintain a detailed communication history with your tenants. From inquiries to issue resolutions, keep track of interactions to provide exceptional service and build strong, long-term relationships.

Host Successful Open Houses with Ease

  • Simplified Event Scheduling: From start to finish, our Retail App Add-On streamlines open house organization. Effortlessly schedule and manage open house events, saving time and reducing stress.
  • Track Attendee Registrations: Capture attendee registrations seamlessly, ensuring you have a comprehensive list of potential buyers. Stay prepared and make a lasting impression on every visitor.
  • Capture Valuable Feedback: Gather valuable feedback from open house attendees to gain insights and refine your selling strategy. Use feedback to follow up with interested prospects promptly, nurturing leads and closing deals faster than ever before.
Girl showing new home with the retail app

I can‘t say enough about how much Left Main has changed our business for the better! The data insights, integrations, and support have allowed us the ability to really focus in on so many aspects of our operations from managing our marketing and incoming leads to closed/won transactions and revenue. We’ve been able to make data driven decisions to improve our numbers across the board and work more efficiently. I love that we are able to customize our org to align with our processes! Thank you, Stephanie and team, for creating a truly all in one solution for real estate investors!!

-Melissa Johnson, Express Property Solutions