Harness The Power of Direct Mail

Man looking happy as he receives a Direct Mail piece. Dollar signs and up arrows appear around him.

Drive Results with Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Built-in Templates with Personalization: Create eye-catching mailers effortlessly using our pre-designed templates. Customize each piece with personalized details to make a lasting impression on recipients.
  • Track ROI per Mailing Campaign: Measure the success of your direct mail efforts with ease. Our Direct Mail Add-On provides detailed ROI tracking, enabling data-backed decision-making for future campaigns.
  • 1 Minute Preview Turnaround: Instantly preview your direct mail before sending. Save time and ensure perfection with quick previews, minimizing errors and maximizing effectiveness.
  • Bulk Postage Rates with No Piece Minimums: Benefit from cost-effective bulk postage rates without worrying about minimum mailpiece requirements. Send any quantity with confidence and stay within your budget.

The direct mail add-on is a game changer!!

-Jodi, Waco First Home Buyers

Revive Dormant Leads and Optimize Marketing Impact

  • Lead Revival with Additional Marketing Channel: Re-engage dormant leads and expand your reach by integrating direct mail into your marketing strategy. Our Direct Mail Add-On breathes new life into your lead nurturing efforts.
  • Strategize with Scheduling Capabilities: Plan and execute campaigns strategically. Schedule mailings at optimal times to maximize impact and ensure your messages are received when they matter most.
  • Complete Visibility and Easy Campaign Tracking: Stay in control of your direct mail campaigns. Our Add-On provides complete visibility, allowing you to track deliveries and monitor campaign performance effortlessly.
  • View Open Rates and Delivery Status in Left Main Dashboards: Access essential metrics within your Left Main dashboards. Monitor open rates, delivery statuses, and campaign analytics in one convenient location for data-driven decision-making.
Guy holding a Direct Mail envelope looking proud and smiling. Envelopes and dollar signs with wings surround him.

It‘s actually done through our CRM so it’s all integrated. Which is saving me a TON of time.

-Matthew Pezon, Pezon Properties

Browse our Tried-and-Tested Templates Below

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Direct Mail is our built-in mail service that provides the ability to click to choose mail pieces, send mail to existing leads, manage mailing campaigns, analyze open rates, monitor deliverability, track returned mail, and much more. Forget about using spreadsheets to track your data, you can now send mass mail directly from our CRM.

I have used four different CRMs for our real estate company. Left Main is by far the gold standard. It was set up by real estate investors, so they understand the unique needs of our business. The customer support is exceptional. They have templates available or they can upload your customized systems for auto-sequences. They didn’t interface with some of our vendors when we first started, so they added our vendors for a seamless integration. Never before have I been able to have a snapshot of our KPIs, pipeline, and leads all in one place. The dashboard gives me real time data for my business. Stephanie and her team have taken this to the next level. They continue to add new features like direct mail. We are blown away by their innovation and professionalism. Left Main has become an asset to our company.

-Amanda Howell, Atlas Homes LLC