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How to Stop a Cadence

Tip! Keep the following automation associated with cadences in mind: - When a lead is converted to an opportunity, active cadences stop - When a lead status is changed to Unqualified, active cadences stop - When cadence is stopped, "has cadence" checkbox is automatically unchecked
direct mail cadences for real estate investors

Introducing Direct Mail Cadences for Real Estate Investors

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Direct Mail Cadences enables Left Main customers to create and automate customized direct mail sequences at scale. Investors can easily customize direct mail pieces, tailor messaging to specific segments within the database, and set up automated follow-up mailings based on triggers or specific timelines.
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Build a Record-Triggered Flow

Build a Record-Triggered Flow in Left Main

To build a Salesforce record triggered flow, you first need to define the business requirement in three parts.
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How Does Left Main REI Support Real Estate Disposition Managers?

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A Real Estate Disposition Manager may be employed by a real estate investment firm or property management company, primarily focused on selling or leasing properties from marketing and negotiations through closing.