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Cadences FAQs

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Learn everything you need to know about Left Main REI's powerful cadences feature to automate your real estate business!
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How to Stop a Cadence

Tip! Keep the following automation associated with cadences in mind: - When a lead is converted to an opportunity, active cadences stop - When a lead status is changed to Unqualified, active cadences stop - When cadence is stopped, "has cadence" checkbox is automatically unchecked

How to Configure Cadences and SMS

Cadences work for SMS, emails and tasks. Let's walk through this one-time setup to get started with Cadences!
FAQs | Left Main REI


Keep an eye on this page for Left Main REI's most frequently asked questions about the most powerful CRM for real estate professionals.
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3rd Party Integration Support Links

Find links to support and resources for the most frequently used Left Main integrations.